Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Google Job Experiment - Alec Brownstein

Alec Brownstein created ads for David Droga, Tony Granger, Gerry Graf,
Ian Reichenthal, and Scott Vitrone.

Ian Reichenthal hires Alec Brownstein for his creativity in advertising on Google. Alec Brownstein advertised for only $6.00 on Google for a Job and Ian Reichenthal hired him. It was mere coincidence Ian Reichenthal says, that he Googled himself to see the ad from Alec Brownstein but after he did, he looked at his porfolio, gave him a call, interview, and hired him.

Ian Reichenthal says not all job inquiries go smooth as someone recently sent Ian Reichenthal an oven Mitt in the mail and stated, "look out my resume' is coming and it's HOT". Ian Reichenthal says that this is not the best route to take when applying for a job.

Because Alec Brownstein needed a job, he did something just a little different to get himself an interview. By running a Google Adwords campaign for the names of some of the worlds best creative directory in Gerry Graf, David Droga, Tony Granger, Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone, he successfully landed his dream job.

The PPC campaign he ran had a message: “Hey, David Droga, Gooogling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too.” with a link to his website to let the creative directors contact him. An ingenious way to get yourself noticed in a serious tough industry to to crack.

Alec Brownstein landed a job at Y&R New York, two Gold Pencils and a Clio. He clearly was be creative and that is what they liked about him and almost as much as his porfolio.

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